Jam In The Van

Here’s the link to our full Jam In The Van performance. It was so cool to be a part of this. I’ve been following their channel for a while now and never thought we would get the opportunity so we were giddy with joy when we got the green light to come down to LA and “jam in the van”. It was in central LA and the “van” itself was tightly parked within a high green-sided gate so no one walking by could really see inside. We went in and some drunk dude walking down the street followed in step behind us and for about an hour the staff at JITV thought he was a part of our group. They filmed him, fed him some beer, made him feel at home. Some of what this dude was saying was outrageous and he looked like a stand up citizen tennis buff type and all was well till he started feeding chocolate to dogs. That’s when we assured the crew that we didn’t know him and they promptly kicked him out. We played out three songs, one take each, with like six cameras right in our face and it was awesome. Anyway, a fun experience overall, hope you enjoy! (P.S. You can see the guy i am referring to at 0.02 sec into “Crazy Hippie”)